Security Ratings

With technology becoming more inter-connected and cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, traditional assurance methods such as one time assessments either onsite or remote for some cyber domains are becoming outdated.  Cyber Security Ratings platforms are similar to consumer credit scores but for Cyber Security, with higher ratings indicating better security postures. Ratings are usually updated daily and presented via Ratings Platforms. Historical ratings and industry indices enable benchmarking and trend analysis. Alerts are generated upon significant changes in ratings, and actionable information is provided to mitigate risk.  This timely information allows organisations to have a robust view of their (or their 3rd parties) cyber security risk posture and to have meaningful, data-driven conversations.  Whilst external cyber security ratings should not purely be relied upon on their own, this continuous monitoring of your network or 3rd or 4th party (in conjunction with other assurance approaches) network enables far more timely knowledge and response and thereby significantly reducing your cyber risk exposure.  This fast and economical approach also allows insights for organisations in

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Benchmarking

Please contact us to see how security ratings can assist your organisation and to help to reduce risk in your supply chain