Danzac Consulting is 1 Year Old – Happy Anniversary!

The dawn of a new era..

What an exhilarating and promising first year it has been.  Establishing a new, sustainable and viable company in a specialist and risky sector is a … challenge to say the least.

Heck, it’s taken a year just to publish our website!

However our first year has exceeded all expectations.  Landing Tier 1 banks as clients and replacing existing Big 4 services has shown just how trustworthy we are.  And trust is a key and significant word in Cyber Security.  Trust is predominantly an emotional concept, based on perception, however trust is the bedrock in the modern era of Cyber Security.  Trust is extremely difficult to build up and can all too easily be eroded.  With finance, j0bs, share prices, reputation, regulatory compliance and viability on the line trust is not only a competitive advantage, it’s absoutely essential.  Trust is becoming more and more the currency in the digital future and trust is earned and companies have to work diligently to keep it.  We truly recognise this, not only for ourselves but also our clients.

As we grow in our second year it’s crucial that we maintain and grow our trustworthiness in everything we do – we can’t afford not to.