Formed in 2016, Danzac Consulting Ltd is committed to providing trusted expert Cyber and Information Security assurance and advice for those that can’t afford to leave things to chance.

Our unique risk-based approach (including constantly looking at current and emerging threats) based on various industries ensures our clients focus on the things that matter to them and protect their critical assets and investments… as well as their reputation.

We offer a range of services across a number of Cyber Security domains.  Please contact us to see how we can reduce your cyber security risk exposure.


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With the growing trend for companies to outsource technology and businesses processes to specialist providers, the bad guys are increasingly targeting the supply chain of organisations based on the principle of ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’. Read MoreExciting devices in technology making devices 'smart' and connected can dramatically improve ways of life for individuals and bring greater efficiency and benefits to organisations. Home automation devices such as smart meters and remote thermostats and business devices such as remote air conditioning units allow remote diagnostics and trouble shooting to optimise services. But what happens when something goes wrong? Read MoreTraditional security assessment methods provided a security assessment at a point in time, this could be bi-annually, annually or even longer leaving your understanding of your company or vendor’s security posture out of date. By using objective, quantitative measurements on a company’s security performance and obtaining daily security ratings, you are able to get a more accurate and up to date picture of the cyber security landscape. Read More